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Support women in your workplace with our Corporate Wellness Package

Corporate wellness has seen a huge increase in recent years. Understandably, Health & Wellbeing is becoming a priority for companies, in order to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

Corporate wellness programmes are being implemented more and more now with organisations becoming more heavily involved in offering wellbeing solutions to staff.

Wellness programs can hugely benefit employers by:

• Lowering health care costs.
• Reduce absenteeism.
• Achieve higher employee productivity.
• Reducing workers’ compensation and disability-related costs.
• Reducing injuries.
• Improving employee morale and loyalty.
• Overall providing a healthy and happy environment for your team.

Ignoring your employees’ health might be costing you quite a bit more than you think, poor employee healthcare costs have contributed to hundreds of thousands of euro in losses to businesses each year.

What does your company do to tackle health in the workplace?

Benefits such as health insurance, flexi time, subsidised/free food in the canteen as well as gym memberships are often great for attracting new talent. But does your company go above and beyond to assist the women in the workplace to look after both their physical and mental wellbeing?

Employers should consider implementing a well-thought-out wellness program that can benefit both the employee’s health as well as the employer’s bottom line.

For far too long we have prioritized doing well over “being well.” In the wake of COVID-19, it’s never been more critical for business and Human Resources leaders to address the well-being of their teams head-on.

Many of us are often guilty of “not having enough time to work-out” or, even focus on ourselves. In the fast paced world we live in, we often hear that people are “too busy” to go to the gym during the week and often this results in employees leading fairly sedentary lives, sitting at desks all day. Which in this day and age, is now deemed as the new ‘smoking’ in terms of the long-term health consequences associated with inactivity.

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What Mum-Time can do for your company:

Offering your female employees Mum-Time memberships can improve your workforce health, by empowering the women in your workplace to monitor and manage their health and wellbeing regularly. Creating change from the inside out, at a time and location that suits them.

Our wellbeing platform offers women of all ages the following options which can all be utilised at home, in the gym, or  even in the workplace [obviously space dependent of course.]

With lots to choose from, including slower paced wellness based classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Mediation and Tai Chi, as well as more fast paced HIIT, Strength, Dance and adrenaline pumping, feel good workouts. For women in the cycle of motherhood, our Pregnancy videos offer safe workouts for each trimester. Likewise our Postpartum section allows women to rehab from home safely and effectively.

That provides lots of valuable information for women. Topics include: nutrition, heath, mental health, general wellbeing topics etc. Articles can also be filtered down further for anyone trying to conceive, pregnant or looking for best practice post-partum. Where we provide informative guidelines and vlogs on how to exercise safely.

offers members discounted rates on a variety of our female athletic wear as well as pre and post-natal products that can assist women whatever stage of the motherhood cycle they may be on. 

is a super useful tool for women looking to find local health and wellbeing services in their area.

this section provides lots of handy checklists, to do lists and general tips on basically anything mum related.

Discounted Corporate Membership Packages available

Mum-Time’s wellness solution is the perfect benefit to your employees. We offer discounted membership packages to businesses that want to provide their staff with more methods to keep fit and healthy, working out safely and efficiently (especially throughout the stages of motherhood).

Mum-Time can be used by ALL women, and can be tailored more specifically to suit the individual when required. For instance:

Women trying to conceive

(or perhaps not in the baby zone stages at all): Looking to keep fit and active regularly whilst enjoying a good selection of fun workouts including cardio, resistance and flexibility training.


Women are often concerned to work out, and have safety concerns around what they should or shouldn’t be doing. However exercise can ultimately improve the pregnancy experience. Therefore, our safety section will provide a stress free workout which can be taken at the individual’s own pace.

Postpartum (PP)

Light exercise following pregnancy helps strengthen and tone abdominal muscles. It may help prevent postpartum depression, improve sleep and can relieve stress. Our short and easy-to-do, rehab programmes post birth are the perfect way to ease your body gently back to activity.


Often short on time and looking for a variety of quick workouts on-the-go, that can easily fit into their busy schedules. Having the freedom to choose from 15, 20 or 30 minute workouts is often more manageable than longer classes.

Overall, studies have shown that regular exercise can help de-stress, improve energy levels and mood, in turn, creating a healthier and happier workplace.

What to do next!....

If you’re interested in ensuring your employees are healthy, engaged and productive; get in touch with our team today and let us show you how a successful corporate wellness strategy can improve your business.

We work with a number of companies, both large and small, providing them with the necessary tools to promote a healthy, happy workplace amongst your female employees. Get on board and offer your team a positive workplace wellbeing experience. 

Packages start from as little as €6 per person, per month*.

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