How it works

We want to make your experience on Mum-Time as enjoyable as possible. Check out the questions below and learn more about how it works:

You can join Mum-Time for just €14.99 per month (no contracts so you can cancel anytime), or alternatively sign up to an annual membership for €160 and save money.

Yes, we offer a free 7 day trial at Mum-Time. Sign up here and enjoy 7 days free access.

You will have access to our amazing workout library. We have plenty of workouts for all cycles of your journey:
TTC (trying to conceive) | Pregnancy | PP (postpartum) | Mum

You will be able to choose your desired level of intensity you wish to workout at:
Chill | Energise | Sweat (so we’ve something for every mood).

Your membership will also come with health and safety guidelines as well as exclusive discounts on our online store. 

TTC (trying to conceive) | Pregnancy | PP (postpartum) | Mum

We have over 100 classes that include a massive selection including:
Yoga (i.e. Yin, Hatha, Power, Flow), Pilates, Tai Chi, Meditation, HIIT, Weights Based Classes, Signature Weekly Pregnancy and Postpartum videos and more. 

Yes, all women without contraindication should be physically active throughout their pregnancy, Women should discuss pregnancy Physical Activity with their health care provider. Regular physical activity promotes many health benefits in all phases of life, including pregnancy and the postpartum period.

All members will get access to our Workout Safely Video from Erica which offers valuable advice and guidelines.

Pre-pregnancy Physical Activity routines can be resumed gradually as soon as physically and medically safe, which will vary depending on mode of delivery, health status and other individual factors. Mild Physical Activity with pelvic floor exercises and stretching should be able to be resumed immediately. Consult with a health care provider if there are any questions.

Of course! We’ve plenty of workouts designed for you in mind too! Whether you’re looking to chill, energise your body or simply want a super sweaty session. Our workouts are designed for every woman, every mood at every level! Overall our workouts are designed for women, whatever stage of life you may be at.

Improve or maintain physical fitness.
Help with weight management.
Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.
Enhance psychological well-being.
Minimize potential perinatal complications for mother and fetus.

No it’s not necessary. We do have a number of workouts that require a small selection of home based weights/bands (which can be purchased here). However we’ve a lot of body weight and mat based classes that require no equipment too.

No, our online store is accessible to everyone! However our members get regular discounts on our online store. Feel free to check out our range of athletic clothing as well as mum/baby accessories too.

Under your profile, once signed in you will see ‘edit profile’ – here you will be able to amend your current situation, whether you are: TTC (trying to conceive), Pregnant, PP (postpartum), or Mum! Don’t forget to keep us updated on your journey.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, simply by logging into your membership account and clicking ‘close account’. 

Yes, our team of wellness coaches work with a number of large companies and offer membership bundles to businesses. Corporate wellness is such an important strategy for any HR department to implement. To find out more visit our Corporate Wellness section and get in touch with us to learn more.


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