“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

As we approach the end of January, many of us will reflect on the last few weeks and think about whether we are on the right track with our “New Years’ Resolutions” and/or healthy living/ fitness goals. Some will be proud of what they’ve achieved to date, others will look back in disappointment and many will give up if they haven’t done so already.

Whatever situation applies to you and how you feel right now in terms of accomplishing your objectives, the key thing to remember is you’re NOT finished yet!!

They say it takes just 21 days to form a new habit, well I think working on any type of goal is an ongoing process, and if worth doing, will take time, patience, discipline and perseverance. You’ll come across many obstacles because let’s face it, if it were easy, you’d be doing it already!

With many goals, unless you have a good plan in place you will most likely fail. Once you plan and allow them to become part of your lifestyle you’re on the path to success.

Besides renaming them “Goals” instead of “New Years’ Resolutions”, and actually planning them this time around, (without going into too much detail), this year; I decided to:

  1. Look after “me” more
  2. Learn to be more positive and appreciative (which of course will correspond with number 1).

In the past I always aimed to “give up” something, to “stop” or “not do” x, y or z. That’s probably why I always associate resolutions as something quite negative (when it should be the complete opposite). I often associated them with a feeling of being deprived instead of inspiring or perhaps taking me outside of my comfort zone, which is in fact what they should be doing! They should scare, but excite you at the same time, with the end result being something truly amazing.

We often put other things, or other people first so I’ve decided in 2018 to work towards looking after myself a bit more (both inside and out.)

I’m going to take up yoga (which is definitely out of my comfort zone), as well as treating my biggest organ more regularly; i.e. my skin! (so, Nicole and Siobhan – I’ll be booking myself a course of Guinot facials and hoping you make me look ten years younger 😉).
I’m going to continue being conscious of what I put into my body, whether it’s food, medication, vitamins or supplements etc. I will also cleanse my gut more regularly should I fall off the wagon. For instance after recently reading Erica’s blog on Aloe and the many benefits (read it here) I’ve realised it’s time to start putting premium fuel in my engine if I want it to exceed my expectations.

Whatever your goals are this year, just remember that planning is key (use the SMART acronym – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely).

Whether it’s the 1st January or 1st November, it’s never too late to plan a new goal!

Try not to be too hard on yourself; if you fall down once in a while, just brush yourself off and start again until it eventually forms part of your lifestyle. Just think, this years’ goal will become next year’s proud achievement!

All the best,

Siobhan F

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