The Importance of Savasana

While there are many yoga poses that are challenging – such a backbends or inversions, for many people the last pose of the class called savasana or corpse pose is just as challenging or even more challenging! Lying on your back, keeping still without fidgeting or coughing can be hard for a lot of people.

It sounds strange but relaxing can be just as challenging as hard work- we are so used to constantly being busy, being in control, holding on, that the idea of letting go and trusting is very hard. If this is you, however, you are missing out on one of the most important elements of the whole yoga practice.

Savanasa is a lot more then just taking a little nap after your class – it is a time for the whole body to incorporate the practice into your system, reviving the body and also calming the mind.

During the yoga practice we are opening up, releasing energy and stress that can be held deep in the body. When we rest in savasana, we are allowing the body to recover from this- allowing energy to flow freely, allowing the body to rest after the stress of the physical practice and also allowing any lactic acid build up to subside – in turn we are rejuvenating the whole body.

So if you are someone who finds it hard to switch off and fully relax, then savasana is probably even more important for you! So while it is normal for the mind to chatter a little bit, try really focusing on relaxing different areas of body so that you can encourage a letting go and then the breath will naturally slow down, calming the mind – remember no judgement, just do your best and be mindful that it may take time to fully let go, but when you do, your whole body will thank you for it!

See you on your mat soon:)


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