I’m sure you’ve heard of numerology and know about the influence that numbers can have and while you may have a different opinion to me, I have to say that I am truly a believer in the ‘power’ that numbers can have in our lives. Even before we entered this new year, I already started to feel a change in my thinking and interest and I feel that part of this is due to the influence of a new number entering my sphere.

So I am a number 2, my challenge and my life’s purpose is to find and learn about balance and cooperation. (To find out what number you are you add your date of birth together including your year and reduce it to a single digit). But my personal year for 2018 is a number four year and the influence of this number kicked in late last year and will continue until late this year. (To work out your personal year add 2 (for 2018) your personal number and reduce as necessary).

Have you noticed any change yet? Some years are about beginnings, some about endings, some more fun and some more serious – just like this year for me because I am in my number 4 year – take a look below and see what I mean…

Number 1 year brings a journey of change bringing new beginnings and is about becoming who you really are.

Number 2 year is about connections, partnerships, cooperation and gradual progress.

Number 3 year is a journey to personal happiness – less about pleasing others and more about pleasing yourself. (this was me last year!)

Number 4 year is going to be a journey of breakthroughs on a sea of obstacles. (ugh!)

Number 5 year is about freedom, change, adventure and new experiences – and learning from mistakes.

Number 6 year is about reinventing yourself, a journey of responsibility, relationship, balance, love and healing.

Number 7 year is the ‘inner voyage’, so a year of learning.

Number 8 year is when you develop personal power. It’s a journey of true understanding, reward, balance and achievement.

And finally the Number 9 year is the end of an era. Something may end so that by ‘going back’ so that you can claim your future…. and then you go back to number 1 year again to start another cycle!

So as I mentioned above, I am in a four year and here are my thoughts about this. Firstly gone is the escapism of the 3 year which taught me many things about personal happiness (both good and bad) and on I move into the more serious but hopefully powerful four year. As I enter this new cycle I’m starting to think about what is really important to me and what I need to do to really implement these changes. It’s still a bit fuzzy but I think if I work on releasing old patterns and limiting thoughts then I will feel freer and clearer to move forward. I think I need to organise my time better so I can do more meditation, healing, journaling or get back to my creative roots. Either way I need to take a look at myself and my situation with honesty. The number four is the builder so in order to get what I want I need to really ‘construct’ it. See it, visualise it and work hard to get it. Perhaps this number four year will be filled with obstacles and frustrations but I’m hoping that it will be the breakthrough year that it has the potential to bring – and at the end of the year I think I’ll be so ready to skip into my number 5 year!!

So what the influences for you in 2018? What intentions are you going to set for this year ahead?

I’d love to know!

Have a good one:)

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